Lorelei and Tourism; the Business Case

The value of our story to Havant, Hayling Island, Emsworth, Portsmouth, Chichester, Hampshire, Sussex, the South of England and Germany; connections to tourism, vacations and holidays.
The connection with million selling books; Richard Bach's “The Bridge Across Forever” and Dr Brian Weiss' "Only Love is Real".


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The following is an outline of the reasoning behind the contention, supported by experienced business men and women (mentioned in more detail below), among others, that the story of Lorelei and I and the events during this lifetime of mine, are of considerable benefit to the tourism industry in both Britain and Germany.

This will be expanded upon as extra information is gathered for a business plan I am writing. Depending on events in the meantime that business plan may well be published on this Web Site in due course.

Our story is spread over a diary of a million words or more, running from the early 1990s. It comprises a large number of events, totaling a few hundred by now and still continuing, in the spiritual, non-physical, field, most of which took place in the South of England, though several in Essex and, more recently, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

The originality of our story, the sheer number of events and the scores of people involved, local and elsewhere, make our story different from any other. That my Lorelei is the Lorelei, as of the German Legend, even if nothing like it is portrayed, at least outside Germany, is in addition to that.

There are only half a dozen books on Soulmates in the world. Half of those have the relationship wrong. In contrast, Richard Bach in “The Bridge Across Forever”, Dr Brian Weiss in “Only Love is Real” and I have it right.

The type of relationship commonly termed “Soulmates” is simply people who have an affinity, liking for each other. The real Soulmate relationship is on a much higher level, higher plain.

Richard Bach’s book “The Bridge Across Forever” and Dr Brian Weiss’ “Only Love is Real” were both million sellers. Though my book is in a similar vein, a love through many lives with the emphasis on the life I am currently, it is very different with the added enhancement of my Soulmate, Lorelei, being the person behind a Legend in another lifetime.

The events of the story took place in many locations from Hampshire to Buckinghamshire, Dorset to Essex, and numerous locations between. Apart from advertising the South of England the location of the events effectively comprise a potential literary tour.

Dr Jur Bernt Atenstaedt, Deputy Director General of the German British Chamber said he thought our story would benefit Tourism in both Britain and the United States.

The former Chief Executive of South East Hampshire Chamber of Commerce and Industry believes it is worth a ten percent, or more, increase on local tourism.

Business Link Wessex was kind enough to give me two and three-quarter hours with two consultants. There joint view was to agree that our story was indeed commercially valuable, was a “rock on an edge” (as I believed) and also that promoting my new career, in that sense, should go before rebuilding my engineering career.

A Hampshire County Council Economic Development Officer could also see the commercial side, value, of our story, thought that I only needed one or two reasonable instances of publicity for it to take off and that I would progress past the present “impasse” one way or another.

That impasse is the reason for the proliferation of my Web Sites.

The reasoning behind the figures arrived at has been developed and revised over a considerable period. These will go into the Business Plan and will be expanded on this Web Site in due course.

Essentially, percentages from very small to a little above ten percent (mostly the former) were assigned to affected areas from Dorset in England to the Middle Rhine in Germany, and applied to existing tourism spend in those regions. That came to the order of £200 million to £300 millions per annum.

This does not include travel to and from, nor an inevitable spin off industry. The value to tourism thus rises to between £500 million and £700 million per annum.

I have yet to find anyone who contests those figures, quite the reverse.

There are additional positive business arguments, those are in the process of being brought together, as well as further researched.