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Richard King, Professional Engineer, Psychic, Healer, Soulmate of Lorelei, Denvilles, Havant, Hampshire, England, UK

This Web Site is in the process of building and it is hoped to have it in a more complete state by the summer of 2005.

In a County, region, where business support and assistance is not available, other than from the Chambers of Commerce, these things take time, especially alongside other commitments; especially when you have to go outside Hampshire for the said support and advice.

In the meantime, according to our estimates, explained on my other Web Sites, the South of England is losing as much as a few million Pounds per week compared with what could have been. This is expanded upon on the Lorelei and Tourism Page of this Web Site.

However, there were developments in the summer of 2005 which should lead to the story of Lorelei and I going worldwide in the near future. Filming took place in Havant but an actress may be edited in for Lorelei, possibly including a reconstruction of events elsewhere in the South of England, Chichester in Sussex, for instance.

My Other Web Sites are in a reasonable state of completion, though the early ones at the Lineone.net addresses are still in there original form.

Or go direct to my new Personal Web Site or Business Web Site.